Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Garage fire in Elkhart

This fire started in the back of the garage from a heat lamp. The renters had some rabbits in a cage and set up a heat lamp to keep them warm during the winter ... READ MORE

Dehumidifier fire in Elkhart

A couple in Elkhart woke up to the sounds of smoke alarms because their dehumidifier caught on fire. The dehumidifier was fairly old and more than likely shorte... READ MORE

Horrible soot damage

This picture was taken from a home that had some of the worst soot damage any of us have ever seen. The photo was taken in the basement where the fire originate... READ MORE

Dirty Refrigerator

This was a house fire that wanted a complete cleaning of the entire house. The fire started under the floor boards in the living room and the smoke and soot dam... READ MORE